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Best Odia Krishna Bhajans


Best Odia Krishna Bhajans: Listen to some of the best Odia Lord Krishna Bhajan. On the eve of Lord Krishna’s birth or the holy Janmashtami here are the songs from your favorite Odia singers.

Parambrahma Odia Bhajan

Best Odia Krishna Bhajans

Lalita Labanga Lata || GITA GOVINDA by Jaydev || Swarna Prabha || Diptiranjan || Shashank

Odia Geetha Govinda – Odia Krishna Bhajan – Ira Mohanty – OdiaLive

Chandana Charchita Nila Kalebara Odia Bhajan – Gita Gobinda by Jaydev – Swarnaprabha

Radhika Odia Bhajan – Shri Krushna Odia Bhajan

Krushna Rasha – Lord Jagannath Odia Bhajan

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