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Boura Hatabaksa Movie Official Posters


Boura Hatabaksa Movie Official Posters are here. Check out the first set of official Odia movie posters of upcoming Odia film Boura Hatabaksa beautifully crafted by Pradeep Designs.

The film is made under the banner of Chairosana Film Productions Pvt. Ltd. The film stars Narayan Pati, Lopamudra Mishra, Sabita Palei, Rajesh Panda, Abhisekh Sahoo, Gourav.

boura-hatabaksa-odia-film boura-hatabaksa-odia-movie

Boura Hatabaksa Cast & Crew

Screenplay & Directed by : Narayan Pati
Story Writer : Dr. Arati Pattajoshi
Produced by : Chairosana Film Productions Pvt. Ltd
Presented by : Sanjay das
Executive producer : Rosalin Das
Starring : Narayan Pati, Lopamudra Mishra, Sabita Palei, Rajesh Panda, Abhisekh Sahoo, Gourav
Cinematography : Biraja prasanna kar
Edited by : Chandrasekhar Mishra
Lyrics : Debdas chhotray
: Managobinda barik
Singer & Composer : Kshitiprakash Mahapatra
BGM : Nityasri Ranjan

boura-hatabaksa-odia-film boura-hatabaksa-odia-film

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