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Boura Hatabaksa New Pictures

Boura Hatabaksa

Boura Hatabaksa New Pictures are here. Boura Hatabaksa film is all about the story of a mother & son relationship. The story revolves around a mother’s sacrifice for her children.
Actress Lopamudra Mishra is seen playing the mother in the movie. The film also features Rajesh Panda, Sushree Sabita Palei & others.

Boura Hatabaksa :The Eternal Bond Cast & Crew

Screenplay & Directed by : Narayan Pati
Story Writer : Dr. Arati Pattajoshi
Produced by : Chairosana Film Productions Pvt. Ltd
Presented by : Sanjay das
Executive producer : Rosalin Das
Starring : Narayan Pati, Lopamudra Mishra, Sabita Palei, Rajesh Panda, Abhisekh Sahoo, Gourav
Cinematography : Biraja prasanna kar
Edited by : Chandrasekhar Mishra
Lyrics : Debdas chhotray
: Managobinda barik
Singer & Composer : Kshitiprakash Mahapatra
BGM : Nityasri Ranjan

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Boura Hatabaksa :The Eternal Bond Posters

Boura Hatabaksa New Pictures Boura Hatabaksa posters

Boura Hatabaksa pictures Boura Hatabaksa pictures
Boura Hatabaksa pictures Boura Hatabaksa pictures

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