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The Mirror of Cuttack | Barabati Fort


 A fort that speaks the glory of centuries recent tradition, Barabati fort boasts of the wonderful rule of the mighty empire of Ganga rulers. Originally made within the eleventh century, this fort has been subjected to any modification and within the 14th century, it’s been completely changed in to its gift kind. This medieval fort on the banks of Mahanadi River is basically worthy for a visit since it beholds the remnants of a past legacy, that is mirrored in its intricately carved gateway, moat and therefore the earthen mound of the nine-storied palace.

Most alluring structure within the fort premises can be the gateway, that is greatly embellished with lovely carvings of sophisticated nature. Another fascinating attraction during this superb citadel is that the 20-yard ditch within the bastion. This can be dug to shield it from the intruding enemies. whereas preserving the magnificence of the recent grandeur the interiors of the fort has been converted in to a contemporary stadium where necessary cultural fiestas and sports events are conducted .

Barabati Fort : The Mirror of The Silver city Cuttack



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