Odia film exclusive Posters Ollywood

A gallery of fading Art : Old Ollywood Posters


It is very rare to find Old Odia movie posters and pictures. It was the time when movie posters were painted and published not the ones like today. Perhaps the term Graphic Design was not termed.

Here we have collected some of the creative Odia movies posters of those eras which still looks fresh and amazing.



Bhakta Salabega Odia film


Sesha Srabana & Ulka  Odia film


Ram Balaram & Swapna Sagara Odia Film


Anutap & bata Abata odia Film


Dhare Alua Odia Film


Sri Jagannath , Taapoi , Priyatama , Pipasa & Sati Anusaya Odia Film


Maha Laxmi Puja Odia Film


Mala Janha & Bhai – Bhai Odia Film

 Image Courtesy : Chhaya-Pratichhaya: Ollywood Poster Exhibition

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